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3 Courses

Teacher: Open and Distance Education Centre TU

Digital Pedagogy

This course is aimed at developing basic literacy on Digital Pedagogy (DP) with pedagogical thoughtfulness. The course is developed to enable learners to edify the concept of blended, hybrid, and online learning, use of LMS for DP ,design and utilize digital resources for DP ,design and use digital activities for DP and analyze and use Learning Analytics for DP

Course enrollment key: DP2023

Teacher: Padam Raj Pant

LMS Demo Course

This course is designed for UGC LMS Instructor

Teacher: Kathmandu University DCSE



This online course is developed for the High School Students and Instructors. This course will help learners and instructor to understand the basics of Cybersecurity, information safety, safe use of internet, the risk in cyber space and the ethics that are essential to practice in cyber space. The course is organized in sequential order from understanding basics to the way how information is stored, the methods applied to protect ourselves from potential dangers, followed by its safety measures and finally learning for the safe practice. After learning this course it is expected that the learners and instructor have foundational knowledge on the operation of cyber space and digital technology.


This course is developed to meet the following objectives:

1.     To understand the science behind cyber space and able to distinguish between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.

2.     To be able to distinguish between data and information and how information are stored in cyber space and how they can be protected.

3.     To understand the internet technology and how it is secured and what are the risks and its safety measures

4.     To be able to practice and follow the ethical values in the cyber world.

Course enrollment key: CS23